Overview & Advantages of the I2C Bus

Overview & Advantages of the I2C Bus

Produced by Philips from the 1980’s, Uge electronics egypt has turned into among the most frequent serial communication protocols in electronic equipment. I2C allows communication between digital elements or IC to IC, whether the elements are on precisely the exact same PCB or linked using a cable. The vital quality of I2C is that the capability to have a huge number of parts on a single communication bus with just two cables that makes I2C ideal for applications which require simplicity and low price over rate.

The I2C Protocol

I2C is a serial communication protocol which just needs two signal lines. It was made for communicating between processors on a PCB. I2C was initially made for 100kbps communicating but quicker data transmission modes have been developed through the years to reach speeds of up to 3.4Mbit. The I2C protocol was established as a formal standard, which provides for great compatibility among I2C implementations and good backward compatibility.

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I2C Signals

The I2C Protocol uses just two bi-directional sign lines to convey with each the devices on the I2C bus. Both signs used are:

Serial Data Line (SDL)
Serial Data Clock (SDC)
The reason why that I2C may use just two signs to communicate with quite a few peripherals is in how communicating along the bus has been managed. Each I2C communication begins with a 7-piece (or even 10-bit) speech that calls the speech of the peripheral the remaining portion of the communication is supposed to get the communication. This permits multiple devices on the I2C bus to perform the part of the master apparatus as the requirements of the machine dictate. To stop communication crashes, the I2C protocol comprises mediation and collision detection capacities which allow smooth communicating across the bus.


As a communication protocol, I2C includes a great deal of benefits which make is a fantastic selection for many embedded layout software. I2C brings the following benefits:

I2C just takes two signal lines
Flexible data transmission speeds
Each device on the bus is independently addressable
Devices possess an easy Master/Slave connection
I2C is capable of managing numerous master communications by providing mediation and communicating wreck detection
Longer distance communicating compared to SPI

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With all these benefits, I2C also includes a few constraints which might have to be made around. The Most Significant I2C constraints include:

Since just 7-bits (or even 10-bits) are obtainable for device addressing, devices on precisely the exact same bus may share the exact same address. Many devices are capable of configuring the past couple of pieces of this speech, but this nonetheless occupies a restriction of devices on exactly the exact same bus.
Only a couple restricted communication rates are available and lots of devices don’t support the transmission at higher rates. Partial support for every rate on the bus is needed to prevent slower apparatus from grabbing semi automatic transmissions which will bring about operational glitches.
The common nature of the I2C bus could lead to the whole bus hanging when one device on the bus stops working. Cycling the power to the bus may be used to resume the bus and restore proper functioning.
Since apparatus can place their communication rate, slower operational apparatus can postpone the performance of faster speed apparatus.
I2C brings more energy compared to other sequential communication busses on account of this open-drain topology of the communication lines.
The constraints of this I2C bus typically restrict the amount of devices on a bus to about a dozen apparatus.


The I2C bus is a superb alternative for applications that need low cost and easy implementation instead of high speed. As an instance, reading particular memory ICs, obtaining DACs and ADCs, reading detectors , transmitting and controlling user-directed activities, reading hardware detectors, and communication with numerous micro-controllers are typical uses of this I2C communication protocol.