10 Reasons Why Businesses Use 1300 Numbers

A fast flick through the Yellow Pages will establish that 1300 amounts are popular.

In fact, 1300 numbers are the UK’s most popular non-geographic number and have a very high public consciousness.

However, why is it that organisations use them instead of their normal landline numbers?

Here are 10 reasons which may explain why:

1. 1300 numbers offer organisations a nationwide presence -that is specifically important when advertising on the internet so as to entice enquiries through the UK (it also offers home-based companies more solitude).

2. Firms and organisations may select memorable 1300 amounts to reflect the product or service they offer. For instance, a company that sells James Bond product could select a number like 1300 007 007.

3. With a 1300 number, people may attract more enquiries from outside their physical place – using a 1300  number they aren’t judged on their place.

4. 1300  numbers, such as all non-geographic numbers make it possible for businesses to smarten up the way that they cope with calls without having to add additional hardware as features are all controlled online.

5. Calls to 1300 numbers are readily re-directed in the case of an emergency or landline collapse with telephone management systems that offer immediate call diverting.

6. Online call statistics enable people to see the entire number of calls to their 1300 numbers, the location of callers, the duration of calls and volume of missed calls. This assists with improving marketing and customer services.

7. Inbound calls to 1300 numbers can easily be recorded with telephone record solutions. Such features enable people to record all their inbound calls, a proportion of calls or calls as and when required. This helps financial institutions meet their legal needs and it saves people having to make frantic notes during an important conversation!

8. 1300 numbers, such as all non-geographic numbers are for life. If a business or organisation relocates -its amounts can simply move with them – saving cash on reprinting costs and decreasing wastage (from date company cards etc.).)

9. 1300 numbers can be used together with existing landline numbers. They may also be utilized for specific functions such as on websites, or in advertising.

10. 1300 numbers are for everyone – from a village shop to a national corporation.