5 Reasons Why You Should Use TITLE For Your Website

Most website owners are planning to get a number one ranking in Google, but the vast majority of them fail to get their website on page one There are an assortment of different reasons why your website might not be on page one of Google. Here are 5 possible reasons:

1) You Have Not Optimized your Page for almost any Keywords

This is one of the most frequent reasons for not being ranked. When you build your website you need to spend time picking keywords to goal and you must also guarantee that those key words are in place on your webpage and your TITLE tags. In case you haven’t done this yet, you want to take time to do this whenever possible, otherwise you do not stand much prospect of getting a top ranking.

2) You are Targeting Keywords that are too Competitive

Another common reason for not getting ranked in Google is that you have selected keywords that are extremely aggressive. This is especially true when your website is relatively new and you haven’t yet built many hyperlinks to it. When folks search on Google they typically do not go beyond the first or second page of results. Take a look at the websites on the very first page of Google. Are they established authority sites? Do they have a high page rank? Do they have a lot of backlinks? If so, you’ll have to do a lot of effort to beat these websites, so you may find it easier to target less competitive keywords instead.

The quantity and quality of links to your website (also called backlinks) is the main thing that determines your rank in the search engines. If you aren’t ranking for your key words go to Google and enter your key word in the search box (without quotes) then have a note of the first 5 domain names listed in the outcomes. Proceed to a backlink checker tool and assess the number of backlinks these websites possess. Compare this on your own site and this will give you idea of just how many more links you need to make it to the top.

Search engine positions do not usually occur within a couple of days or months. The newer your site is, the longer you need to wait to get a good ranking. Likewise the more competitive the key thing is that you’re targeting, the more you have to wait. Track your progress over time by checking your backlinks and your rank and comparing this to your competitors. This will help you to make sure that you are going in the ideal direction.

5) Your Website includes Errors Which Are Preventing it from Being Crawled

Nearly all websites have some HTML warnings or errors, and thus don’t believe that you want to go on a mission to correct all of the errors on your site. In general the search engines can still crawl your website whenever there are errors, but in some cases a mistake may stop your webpage being crawled fully. The best method to determine whether this is a dilemma is to create a google places rank checker Webmaster account and verify your site. Whether there are any running errors these will show up in your webmaster account and you ought to make it your priority to fix them.