Bushnell Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

The statement of this Bushnell Hybrid Golf Rangefinder added a completely new group to the world of golf rangefinders. The very first question for people in search of the perfect rangefinder was “GPS or Laser?” Now buyers will need to include “or both” to this question.

From a distance, the Bushnell Hybrid resembles a normal laser rangefinder. On closer inspection, 1 facet of this system looks like it’s a Bushnell neo+ GPS rangefinder embedded inside. As it turns out, both of these statements would be accurate. The laser is based on the Bushnell Tour V2 along with the GPS is precisely the same as the Bushnell neo+.

The main advantages:

  • With laser, it is impossible to find distance to front and rear of the green and GPS does this very well.
    With GPS, it is impossible to get precise distance to the snare, as well as other targets which aren’t in the computer system. Laser can acquire exact distance to any target that’s within your sight range.
  • Although future hybrid top rangefinders might include the features found on more expensive GPS devices, this is clearly a large step forward in the business. As you would expect, the purchase price of this device is a little higher than that of other golf rangefinders and unless you’ve got deep pockets, you’ll probably need to know how much a hybrid rangefinder will help your golf game.

Here are some recommendations:

  • If cash is not a problem, buy it today! It is the best rangefinder in the marketplace as of this writing.
  • If you are any kind of serious aggressive golfer, then buy it as soon as possible. This device will make practice rounds easier. Should you play with occasions where rangefinders are permitted, it is legal and will likely save a shot every now and then. Spend some time using it and learning to be efficient, so that it will not take you from your regular routine.
  • If you break 90 regularly and are striving to enhance, but would find purchasing it a stretch for your budget… put it on your Birthday or holiday gift list and hope the price comes down.
  • Yes, this is the very best golf rangefinder available at this time, but look for opponents to enter the hybrid market soon and then hopefully the prices will begin to drop!

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