Digital Posters – An Effective Advertising Tool


With the current renewal of interest in most types of Out Of Home advertisements, the large format poster is currently a rising star. Public perception has shifted and this is now employed as an effective method of helping to build a brand. It is not tough to see why.

Poster marketing benefits place advertisers and owners alike in being able to engage large numbers of customers for relatively low cost. Additionally, it extends the scope and effectiveness of advertising messages to influence target audiences that are normally more difficult to reach.

Large outdoor poster advertising is getting more innovative, bigger and more imaginative. As technology continues to grow, interactive campaigns can boost the medium to new levels, which makes it an integral element of any integrated marketing strategy.

A growing number of brands are now deciding to incorporate poster advertising into their wider advertising campaigns. The synergy created by combining large outdoor posters with press, TV and radio advertisements reinforces the marketing message and increases effort consciousness among the general public to unprecedented amounts.

Since the electronic market continues to gain value and eventually become the dominant force in today’s advertising world, some businesses have sought to unite this with more conventional types of publicity. Large eye-catching posters showing a website or number to phone for more information provide a call-to-action for customers. This ensures true follow-through for advertisers and provides consumer a additional opportunity for involvement with the brand.

HTC’s recent ‘Exceptional’ campaign is a perfect illustration of the manner poster advertising was successfully combined with other promotional methods, both offline and online, to construct a new. It demonstrates the power of Giant Posters and how effective they are when employed as part of a larger integrated campaign.

In order to mark the initiation of the HTC One mobile phone in the UK, HTC launched an online competition to find seven different banner designs which were to be installed onto blowUP media’s Giant Posters in some of the UK’s largest metropolitan centres.

The Giant Poster campaign provided an outstanding platform for a lot of the UK’s young creatives to have their work exhibited on one of the biggest possible advertising formats. It had been rolled out in seven cities in the UK across sites that tally over 2500sqm in size – more than 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

This procedure of banner ads, together with the interactive element of this campaign, made it a huge hit with the general public and business leaders. It’s been estimated that HTC’s giant posters had been seen by over 7,796,184 people.

BlowUP media succeeds in large-scale outdoor advertising. Employing Giant Posters and electronic screen advertisements, their campaigns will help any business build a brand. They are experts at building brands through innovative advertising campaigns and also have worked on several campaigns from travel advertisements to automotive advertising.