ladies Designer Handbags

From Gucci to Coach, from New York’s Chinatown into Walmart, we’ve got all frequented the stores to get our handbags – the one for particular events, the one for everyday usage, the one to sport the designer tag or the 1 fitting that particular dress. Although regarded as a mere attachment, we who utilize a purse know how important it is to have the right one.

With the market crowded with purses and handbags, it often becomes difficult to pick up the most suitable one. We like the silver handbag in ‘Devil Wears Prada’ or we get bowled over by the weird handbag collection of Phoebe in ‘Friends’!

Here are some fashion mantras That Will Help You Opt for the Proper handbag:

Do not let the handbag dictate your style:

There are a number of thoughts boggling, beautiful handbags adorning the shelves. But don’t buy one just because you want the look of it. Odds are it will either end up in your cupboard for want of clothes fitting the handbag or you will wind up spending money on buying clothing that match the handbag.

Your handbag ought to match your size:

O Are you a tall, slender lady taking the runway by storm? Then you can use any handbag except for the little, tiny shoulder bags – those may make you look taller or longer precisely gigantic.

O Are you a little lady? A petite lady should go for small handbags rather than the exceptionally large baggy, bulky ones. Again if you go for one it may magnify your little size.

O If you’re a plus size lady, the right one for you’d be a broad bag with moderate length shoulder strap. Do go for fine straps – lace or metal – equally would look great on you.

O Handbags instead of shoulder straps work out good if you want to draw away attention from your upper part of the human body.

Choose color sensibly:

Do not become confused with the colour and the pattern. They might look great on shelves under special lights but may actually seem horrible on the road. Keep the color near a neutral one – that would go with most of your dresses. Maintain the routines trendy. Start looking for unusual patterns but subtle ones unless naturally smart dressing is your fashion in which case go for big patterns with vivid colors.

Keep your stock diverse:

Bear in mind, you need to have three to four ΓΥΝΑΙΚΕΙΑ ΠΟΡΤΟΦΟΛΙΑ. One for the parties, one for work, one for spring and summer fun while one for casual. Choose the bag that suits all your dresses. By thumb rule attempt to maintain the evening purse small while your workout handbag should represent your professional demeanor. The purse that you will be using most often should ideally have enough pockets and pliers to maintain your keys, mobiles, documents, etc..

Laptop bags:

If you’re the busy IT professional and are attempting to double up your laptop bag as your handbag as well to office, then remember there are lots of stylist notebook bags available nowadays in the pink you to the one with patterns from the usual black one into the Velcro strapped trendy one.