Mobile Phone Answering Service – What Is It ?

First, the rant – it is not hacking! (well technically it is – but it is not some fancy complex technical assault requiring expert knowledge and equipment).

A good deal of people are under the belief that mobile phone voicemail is only accessible from the mobile phone itself and some could even think that messages are stored on the phone. Actually, messages have been listed at the mobile network providers’ data centres and played back over the network when the user dials in to pick them up. By pressing the right key sequence during the “please leave a message” welcome message, anyone can get to the menu which allows voicemail to be played back.

Of course, a PIN is required to gain access to the mailbox but many people leave the default PIN on their account, and these are very well known – most are published on the network providers’ sites or can be found in the manuals available with any telephone or SIM from the provider. In other scenarios, PINs can be guessed in precisely the same way as passwords by doing a little bit of background research to learn things such as birthdays of relatives, friends or pets, other significant dates or registration numbers of cars. Other procedures, like social technology – where carefully crafted queries and behaviour are utilized to get the target to show their PIN or even just “shoulder surfing” (watching somebody input their PIN while they hear their own messages) can be very successful too.

However the PIN is obtained, once the attacker gets it, they have full control of the VoIP system and can listen to and delete messages at will.

For some users this could cause personal data being revealed, while for companies it may be used to discover sensitive substance.

If you do not need voicemail, turn it off. Should you want it – do not use the default PIN, use a number that isn’t connected with anything that is obviously attached to you – and change it regularly. Avoid obvious PINs such as 1111, 1234, 9999 etc – treat it like the PIN for your bank card, it might have comparable value to someone who wants to spy on you. The very same rules also apply to the answering machine in your landline – many of these have remote access capabilities so anybody who dials your number could listen to some messages if they could guess the access code.

Get into the habit of checking your voicemail. Should you frequently appear to be getting messages without the community telling you that they are waiting, it could be a sign that someone else is listening to them. Do not store sensitive messages on the server for a long time either. Delete them as possible.

If you’re going to leave a message for somebody – don’t disclose any sensitive material, or better yet send a text message. SMS is a lot more challenging to intercept without lawful authority.

Of course, there’s another means to get voicemail – but that does require some technical ability and accessibility to right equipment. It would be unprofessional of me to describe it here, however. Suffice to say that OFCOM has an interest in anybody hoping to give the service commercially.

If you believe your phone was hacked then contact the police immediately – it is illegal. If you have been wrongly accused of hacking on it is important that you get some legal counsel and get your attorney to find an expert opinion with the vital skills to assist your situation. This will entail a thorough examination of the gear allegedly hacked, jointly with some other relevant equipment that has been supposedly used, the preparation of an extensive expert’s report, and potentially oral testimony in court. For a complete step by step guide on How To Get Cheat Codes visit