Fairly recently there has been a surge in vaporization and the use of dab rigs due to the rapid increase in concentrates. This has lead to the expansion for vaporization surfaces, many of which were discussed in our vaporizer in addition to nail blogs. This blog will more specifically cover one quite common type of nail, or vaporization surface called a “banger. ” The term “banger” is a broad term that essentially is a specific shape and style of nail which commonly smells like a bucket with a small bent tube extending for a joint that fits on the end (some exceptions may fill out an application such as the trough and cube bangers). The most common and fastest banger to use is simply a bucket made from quartz that has a small air path on the side of the bucket extending inside the smoking device of the user’s choice.

Bucket-Style Bangers

Pail Banger

Bangers have risen in popularity due to the model and its recent reputation for providing more than adequate temperature regulate accompanied by being seen as one of the least wasteful methods of vaporization currently on the market. A banger can be made out of any of numerous materials just like any nail. However , it is common for first-time banger buyers to think that all bangers are made from glass. It is a most common misconception about bangers. Ceramic, titanium, glass, plus quartz are all available material options when considering a banger (for advantages and disadvantages of nail materials see the nail blog), however the most common is quartz. This is due to quartz being considered the ideal material for use with a banger, for this reason, this blog is going to focus mainly on quartz made bangers.

When considering which will banger is right for you, it is important to know that besides different substances, vapers have the choice of many different various styles of bangers. There is the classic bucket style, gavel, trough, cube, thermal, jet, diamond knot, and nucleated. These are perhaps not all your choices, however , these are among the most popular and successful that are available nowadays in this market. Having already discussed the classic bucket-style banger, let take a look at the other options on the list.

Gavel-Style Bangers

Gavel-style bangers are a variation on the classic bucket-style bangers. These gavel bangers typically are much larger than the classic bucket-style featuring a washboard top and have an extra thick bottom for longer heating retention. Gavel bangers have quickly become a favorite style of quite a few high-end companies and are the flagship shape for many of them companies’ bangers (including Highly Educated, Eternal Quartz, Darling Bucket, and many more). This has even led carb shelves (a common concentrate accessory) to evolve in a manner that provides solutions to flat-top gavel-style bangers.

Trough Bangers

Trough bangers are designed with an elongated, more shallow bucket, this allows for what lots of vapers consider to be a less wasteful hit. This is because the body of the bucket allows for a more even heat distribution along side the bottom of the banger. The shape of a trough banger is considered by many to be aesthetically pleasing and requires or even a shape carb cap if the vaper chooses to use an individual. Trough bangers can often be seen in use by many preferred Instagram influencers in the dabbing community when they attempt to share it with your viewers with massive hits off a single banger. This is due to the common conception that the heat distribution allows for larger sinks into than the standard bucket-style banger.

Cube Bangers

Cube bangers are a slight variation on the classic bucket-style banger, which in turn some vapers claim maintains heat more efficiently than the timeless bucket. However , there has been no substantial research done to validate this claim and many say that a cube banger, beyond the borders of its standard function is more of a decision that is constructed based on aesthetics.

Nucleated Bangers

Nucleated bangers have made a great splash in the past year. This is due to a reputable company called Really Educated utilizing nucleated glass in their award-winning nucleated gavel-style banger. Nucleated glass appears to be white at first glance, however , regarding closer inspection, it is actually small gas-filled chambers on an more or less invisible level. The nucleation sites allow these bangers to maintain the vaper’s desired temperature for almost twice as rather long as a traditional quartz banger and aids in the real bodily separation of solids, liquids, and gases. They also expand the heated surface area and thermal diffusivity which distributes heat up more quickly and evenly. This allows the vaper to take the lowest temps, most flavorful, and largest hits of any banger on the market. The nucleated banger, Gavel V2 made by Tremendously Educated, was even selected as the Best Quartz Banger of 2017 by High Times Magazine.