The Best MLM Product – What Is It?

The Best MLM Product – What Is It?

If you attended MLM Presentations before, you’ll know that many NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS presenters claim they have the Best MLM Product in their MULTI LEVEL MARKEING company. However , people started to get confused when most MLM companies say they have the Best Product in MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING! So which product is really the best?

I have come to know that we individuals, consumers of business owners, must know how to evaluate ADVERTISING products ourselves, so we know are they really the best products out there. I’m going to share with you below my 3 simple set of guidelines of choosing the best product for your MLM business.

1 . Is your MLM product Unique?

Is the product of your MLM business Unique? By means of unique, it means it’s one of its kind, and every consumers who want the product has to come to you. They could not get the solution elsewhere in the market, be it in shopping malls or other MULTILEVEL MARKETING companies. If your product is not unique, you will risk getting rid of consumers, as consumers will always prefer cheaper alternatives in addition to better convenience.

Hence, in choosing a product, you must assess if the product is ‘just another product’ out there in the market, or maybe a product will serve a purpose which is not met by other items. That’s what Unique means. The best  Globallee MLM products are One of a kind!

2 . Is your MLM product Consumable?

The reason we want to produce a MLM business, is because we want to build residual income streams that will hold money flowing in as long as possible. In MLM business, residual income revenues are built when there is ongoing sales volume, and that is only feasible when people repeat their orders after every month. And people duplicate their orders because they have finish their products! That’s what exactly Consumable products mean!

If your products are consumable, you’ll get given multiple times with an initial sales effort. If your products are definitely not consumable, you will not get any sale, until your next get. By saying this, I don’t mean that non-consumable NETWORK MARKETING products are not good products, it’s just that they will hardly launch Residual income for you. The best MLM products are consumable!

3. Is the best MLM product Competitively-Priced?

Ask yourself. How much do you pay for a new toothpaste? Will you pay $100 for a toothpaste? Highly impossible. You’ll probably pay $3 to $4, or at most $7 or $8 for it. Why? Because we know it’s unattainable for toothpaste to cost $100!

For all products with MLM, we distributors have to justify the Value of the product, mainly because consumers want to know what they are paying for. If the products are too overly-priced, you’ll have a hard time convincing the value of the product! And if your customers can get similar benefits of your product, at significantly cut price, you’ll lose your consumers!

If your product is overly-priced, there may be a tendency of your MLM company marking up the price exorbitant. The distributors may earn more commissions with bigger mark-up price, but they will also lose consumers if they still cannot justify the difference in price. Hence, the Best MLM product is competitively-priced, and delivers more value than the price-tag suggest.