The Way to Keep followers on Instagram

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When you shed followers on Instagram, the program will not tell you who it was or when it happened.

Bummer, right? Luckily, you have at least a few good third-party alternatives.

The most elementary way to check to see who unfollowed you on Instagram would be to do it manually by simply staying on top of your precise follower count and then explore the “ganhar seguidores no Instagram” lists of other users to confirm whether or not they are still following you.

This is obviously very time-consuming and diligent work — especially when you have a lot of followers that fluctuates regularly.

If you become aware of your follower count return and are left wondering who chose to unfollow you for whatever reason, you will find ways you can monitor it — right down to the exact users who chose to leave. If you can find out who unfollowed you personally, you can attempt to interact with them somewhat and possibly win them back again as followers.

Unfortunately, you can not do this with the Instagram program independently. Listed below are three different third-party programs that connect to a Instagram accounts and can track and inform you exactly who hit unfollow button.


The easiest tool to use to see that unfollowed you on Instagram is one which has been created for just that, and that alone. All you have to do is let it connect to a Instagram to instantly receive a glimpse of who unfollowed you.

Whenever you have your Instagram account linked, Unfollowgram will ask you for your email address and after that it will take you to your own dashboard with directions on how it works. It will begin tracking anyone who unfollows you from there forward, and all you’ve got to do is register in or click the “Check” button in the upper right corner to receive your up-to-date stats.

There is also a menu of choices across the top which you can look at in the event that you would like to get specific about a reciprocal following. Therefore, along with viewing who unfollowed youpersonally, you can look at who doesn’t accompany you back, and who you do not follow back.

Unfollowgram is not an app and can only be accessed on the regular web, but it’s been optimized for mobile web browsing so you don’t have to always jump on a true computer simply to check out who unfollowed you.


InstaFollow is an iOS app which you can download for the mobile device and connect to a Instagram account. It is primarily utilized to monitor follower stats and advice for consumers, media, and participation.

When you use InstaFollow to find new folks to follow and have others follow you, like through S4S, it will reveal to you a overview of all of your follower stats on the primary tab, such as new followers, missing followers, followers that don’t follow you back, followers you do not follow along with followers who blocked you.

You can tap the Have Unfollowed Me choice to see a comprehensive list of all usernames and also a follow button to each user in case you would like to trace along to attempt to see if that will encourage them to follow you again.

If you have blocked somebody, incidentally, and want to unblock them, it is fairly simple to accomplish.


Statusbrew is a superior social media optimization tool which you can use for free with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other societal networks. All you have to do is register for a free account to test it out and provide the tool permission to link to your Instagram so you can see that users you misplaced as followers.

As soon as you’ve signed up and connected with your own account, you will be shown your dashboard. Click on Audience, which is situated on the box along with your Instagram profile and handle photograph. On another tab, you’ll see a sidebar on the left.

You’ll probably notice that nothing is going to be shown to you if you’re requested to upgrade to premium. Your free account simply includes basic social media optimization features and, sadly, seeing who unfollowed you on Instagram isn’t among them.

If you do choose to upgrade, you will quickly learn that one of the handiest things about this tool is that it allows you to sign up to get updates by email instantly whenever someone unfollows you personally — but only as long as you’re ready to pay for a premium subscription.

You can put this up by accessing your settings from the left menu, clicking on Preferences, navigating into the subscriptions tab after which picking the monthly plan you want.

What to Do When You See Who Unfollowed You

Once you’ve used some of the above solutions to find out who’s unfollowed you around Instagram, it is then up to you to determine whether you should try and find those followers back, or forgive and forget them. If you choose to try to re-engage them, you are going to have to put a bit of time and energy into enjoying their posts, commenting on them and possibly even following them.

For companies, keeping followers and customers is usually pretty important. If you would like to see ways to increase your following on Instagram, check out some of these tips.