LG HG2 Evaluation (20A, 3000mAh)

LG HG2 Evaluation (20A, 3000mAh)


A article on the HG2 is very long overdue.

While the first release of this LG HG2 premiered in 2014, manufacturing is now accessible Summer 2015. A 20 amp, 3000 mAh landmark is, somehow a holy grail of stats. A battery which may either be high-drain, and high-capacity is precisely what everybody needs. The LG HG2 could be regarded as a 500mAh capacity update from its predecessors that the HE2/HE4 which have a 20A discharge limitation.

LG Chem is on a rolling schedule of research and releases, all proposed years beforehand. An average of between 6 percent and 10% growth in battery operation is anticipated, compounding annual. That means, considering the battery specs and LG Chem’s release program, the LG HG2 will probably be a fantastic competitor for a few of the finest 18650 batteries for a number of weeks to come for high-drain software.

Nevertheless, there are lots of instances where the brand new Molicel Batteries with the newest specs never profits mass adoption. That may be due to a range of reasons such as a fast upgraded release, unexpected security issues, supply chain bitterness, marketplace ignorance, etc. It is for this reason I am not crowning the HG2 since the king on specs .

To test this promise, I’ll do the Normal Battery Bro inspection:

Take a look at the HG2 specification sheet
Visually inspect the battery
Do three release tests
Unwrap the battery
Determine whether the HG2 warrants a commendable name
HG2 Spec Sheet

Molicel Batteries

My remarks on the HG2 Source sheet:
2.1 Capacity

3,000 milliamp hours will be the maximum capacity to get a true high-drain (20A+) mobile. If you’re interested in optimizing both amperage and capability you need to think about this mobile since it doesn’t get much better in the present time.

2.2 Nominal Voltage

Here is the standard voltage for many 18650 batteries. (3.7V 18650 batteries are somewhat old, a standard of measurement has been altered but real voltage is still the same.)

2.3.1 Standard Charge

A 1.5A normal fee is great.

2.3.2 Fast Charge

A 4A quick charge is likewise excellent. However bear in mind that rapid charging will reduce the cycle life of this HG2.

2.4 Max. Charge Voltage

Standard, no remark

2.5 Max. Change Current


2.6.1 Standard Discharge

All these are ordinary standard discharge worth. The nominal capacity of this HG2 is decided while releasing at those values. When releasing at its max. Constant discharge evaluation that the capacity will be marginally reduced (watt hours longer so).

This has probably led into the claims the HG2 below plays. However a number of these evaluations neither discerned between the conventional discharge vs. maximum. Discharge testing requirements, nor did they take into consideration fast releasing conditions outlined by LG Chem from the spec sheet (see following section).

2.6.2 Fast Discharge

The Fast discharge was analyzed at 10A and 20A. What’s important to notice is that the brute force of 2.0V. LG Chem’s testing requirements for evaluation Fast and Max. Release values are as follows:

Cells shall be charged at constant current of 4000mA to 4.2V with ending current of 100mA. Cells shall be discharged at constant current of 10000mA and 20000mA to 2.0V. Cells would be to break 10 minutes following bill and 30 minutes following release.

2.0V is regarded as the lowest possible secure cut-off voltage for releasing any 18650 mobile. Many 18650 cells cut-off at 2.5V. This 0.5V gap equates into a greater milliamp hour evaluation, but at cost of usefulness. (We see a similar parallel between the LG HE2 and HE4 quickly discharge states ).

The majority of individuals don’t wish to move below 2.5V for security issues, and if they perform the minimal voltage environment doesn’t offer perfect functionality.

2.7 Max. Discharge Current

A 20 Blackberry mobile – quite great.

Be aware that this is actually the mobile’s maximum continuous discharge score. Some people today seek heartbeat evaluations, which are frequently manufactured.

Recall: a heartbeat is described as present as time passes. Without saying time, heartbeat lacks significance. A good instance of a suitable heartbeat score will be 30 amps for two seconds. A mobile rated at anything over 30A, with no attached device of time is, in nature meaningless. Not one of the three (Panasonic, LG, Samsung) create an 18650 battery rated at over 30A.

2.7 Weight

(Maximum weight)

2.9 Operating Temperature

Standard, no remark

2.10 Storage Temperature

Standard, no remark

Molicel Batteries

Never bill below freezing (significant for its solar readers: keep your batteries at a temperature controlled environment)
Visual Inspection & Basic Measurements

Here’s the top-cap, or positive terminal of this HG2. Notice that there are four top-cap link points on LG 18650 batteries.

There should not be any rust, discoloration, stains, burn-marks, excessive scrape marks, or anything else from the ordinary. While this mobile was lately created (Summer 2015 batch), they’re fresh and the steel will reveal that. If a brand new HG2 has some of those abnormalities listed above, ask a return with your seller and suspect that a fake battery.

This is the terminal, or underside of this LG HG2. Nothing strange here. There are a couple of scrape marks (usually circular) at the floor even on brand-new cells. This is ordinary and out of generation, as the cells have been analyzed and billed and also the metal scratches easily.

Height: 65.1mm check. (Do not do so with metal calipers since you might short-circuit the mobile.)

Length: 18.5mm no issues here. If you’re earning a package, notice they’re a bit larger than 18mm.

Weight: 44.86g. Let’s call it 45g from measurement error. Where does this leave us? Having a maximum. Specified burden of 48g – it renders us just fine. Albeit I shall take a few more afterwards simply to affirm, a three g discrepancy from maximum value doesn’t cause alarm.

Discharging that the LG HG2

Accounting for the evaluation’s environmental temperature. That is off five points an perfect temperature (LG Chem’s test chosen for 25 degrees C), however in this gap the efficacy reduction is minimal and I shall proceed.

I like charging my 18650 batteries around the VC2. The significant screen only makes my life simpler.

This can be our 18650 publishing unit. The readout is volts (that digit is a V rather than a U if you’re wondering). Because you can view this battery is running out of juiceand the release evaluation is practically complete. This unit runs from USB electricity and as such it’s an unfortunate present limit of 3A.

For the very first release test I used a 2.50 Glass present using a drizzle voltage of 2.50V. The capability is 40mAh hours short of the rated capability of 3000mAh. Does this mean that the battery isn’t fulfilling its ranked stats?

Yes and no.

Here is what I mean.

The Yes

For starters, the mobile inside this evaluation is a couple of months old. A lithium-ion battery will eliminate some ability every month it stays in storage. After we are worried about 40mAh, some of this is attributed to its era.

I really could also tweak my testing environment to match LG’s testing requirements by:

Bring down cut-off voltage
alter the ecological temperature
alter amp release rate
decrease the charging speed
match finish present
The No

Molicel Batteries

Having said this, calling this a real 3000mAh battery is stretching the facts. It’s more correctly stated as a 2960mAh battery.

Discharge evaluation two affirms that the HG2 capability at ~2960mAh.

For release test three I shifted the present to 0.50A. As you can see, at reduced amperage releases, the potential goes up. (In this situation, roughly 6 mAh were obtained ).

In this picture I overlapped the 2nd (2.5A) and 3rd (0.50A) release test so that you can check out what’s going on.

When you have a look at the bottom-right of this graph, the gap combined the X-axis (mAh) is little.

However the Y-axis of Voltage Indicates a larger difference. You may think about this because the batteries lasting about precisely the exact same quantity of time, but the minimal amperage one getting more working electricity. A greater voltage for longer contributes to significantly more watt hours. The watt-hour evaluation could be argued as equally as significant as the capacity (mAh) evaluation.

Unwrapping the PVC

There are 3 markings available with this specific LG HG2 battery.

These are quality management markers and probably batch identification codes. Should you unwrap your HG2 and detect it has rather distinct markers please make a comment describing them.

This is yet another look at the top-cap in all of its glory, now with no heat-shrink PVC or washer.


Initially I claimed that the HG2 might be the very best high-drain battery available at the moment. Regrettably the mobile I tested doesn’t quite satisfy its markers at 3000mAh. It nonetheless does clock in at 2960mAh.

Even though we call it a 2900mAh, or even a 2800mAh battery – it surpasses the Samsung 25R (2500mAh) along with the LG HE2 (2500mAh).

There are instances which this may be shown incorrect, particularly in high-drain evaluations at 20A that I didn’t perform. It’s nevertheless, highly improbable the capacity is going to be effected so it can’t transcend 2500mAh.

It’s for this reason I am pretty comfortable asserting the HG2 is rather a monster, and I crown it as the present king of high-drain.