Avaya IP Office – The Premiere Business Phone System for Small Business

Internet business phone systems can make or break the image that a industry portrays to both their clients and competitors equally. If someone calls and repeatedly receives a busy signal or perhaps is consistently transferred to the wrong party, it’s likely they can become frustrated and take their business elsewhere.

Avaya is a well-known name in the telecommunications industry. Formerly Lucent Technologies, Avaya has continued to develop state-of-the-art technology within the continuing effort to streamline the way we communicate. This can include the advancement of IP technology were voice chitchats are transmitted via Internet protocol. As this technology transfers forward, public switched telephone networks will become less prevalent and less utilized.

Avaya offers many phone systems to accomodate the size and needs of most any business. Starting with the small IP Office system, that is suitable for small offices with 10 or less employees all the way up to the Aura Communication Boss, which is an enterprise wide solution. Most Avaya models, offer features such as auto attendant, music on store, conferencing ability, and IP technology. Their diverse product line, business line offers the business owner many choices to come up with a communication solution that has cost savings as well as ease-of-use.

The IP Office system is the whole that provides three levels of sophistication depending on the needs of your business. The base level or Essential Edition provides an economical technique to have a sophisticated phone system that offers key features used by lots of businesses. The Preferred Edition offers greater voice messaging total capacity and greater simultaneous call volume. The Advanced Format offers even further advancements in technology and available options.

With the Advanced or Preferred Edition, you can offer your individual employees greater flexibility in the way they handle phone calls together with where they work each day. The Power User has the ability to deal with all communications using an IP phone, a cell phone or maybe laptop. All of their messages are received in one inbox, as well as voicemail, e-mail and faxes.

One of the advantages to an IP-based company phone system is the ability for the workforce to be mobile. By using Avaya’s IP Office solution, employees are no longer limited to in the office. With the new technology their cell phone simply becomes action of the business phone system. Because of this, clients and users can reach employees regardless of their location. To the human being calling, it appears as though the party they’re trying to reach with the office and available to take their call. This provides automobile with a way to leave the office and meet potential clients though still being accessible to existing clients.

For those workforce who must remain in the office, the Office Worker feature is the reason why day-to-day tasks such as transferring calls, conferencing, and messaging are handled with ease. Although the majority of most employees at the moment are venturing out of the office to conduct business, there are still those that will have to remain behind to perform clerical tasks. IP office can be designed with these users in mind with an easy-to-understand interface and also reliable desktop phones.

A new reality for many businesses now is to have employees who work for the company through a residence. The Teleworker Feature allows employees to work from home basically anywhere in the world. For someone calling from the outside, the experience is the same with the exact same number being used to reach employees. Unknown to the caller, company answers their phone which is connected to the IP Office telephone system through a virtual private network. This allows the business to acquire Associates in diverse markets and locations without the added cost of maintaining a brick-and-mortar presence.

Another benefit to IP office, the receptionist software allows a receptionist that will route calls from their PC. This gives them the ability to issue and click to control calls as well as provide status for calls are in progress. Additionally , the software has the ability to integrate by using commonly used database software. From this interface, the receptionist might monitor all office extensions as well as provide coverage pertaining to multiple locations.

A benefit exclusive to the Advanced Edition, client service supervisor is a reporting and monitoring application that allows this business owner to track call volume. This is helpful in determining the exact efficiency of how calls are handled as well as the level of work productivity that the phone system provides.

If you’re looking for a business mobile phone system that can give your business a professional image as well as produce a way to efficiently route calls, the IP Office procedure offered by Avaya has several levels to suit your needs and your spending plan. Designed with the small business owner in mind, the system can be implemented by using a minimal number of users while keeping future growth along with scalability in mind. With this flexibility, the IP Office experience perfect for the small business of today while allowing for expansion the day after.